Cutting Plotter Services

Dobbs Engineering has extensive experience in the field of cutting plotter designs and products. Numerous years experience working with top manufacturers has provided us the ability to lead in this field.

A cutting plotter is connected to a computer and cuts designs into sheet material, most commonly vinyl decal material. This opens up a number things you can make with this process. Mostly used for window decals and signage, it also can cut material that can be heat pressed into cloth such as T-shirts.

We at Dobbs Engineering have the ability to take your design and produce a final product that will amaze you. We have our own products that we sell if you find something you like or we can mass produce your design for you to sell for profit. Contact us for price quotes on singles up to mass quantities. We specialize in helping non-profit organizations!

Some ideas the cutting plotter can cut and place on or get heat pressed into:

  • Window decals
  • Window signs
  • Banner signs
  • Plaques and various signs
  • T-shirts
  • Bandanas
  • Cloth
  • Wall decals and murals
  • Glassware
  • And many more!