Dobbs Engineering is your one stop shop for web design, logo design, pc and network installation and repair, video editing and production, cutting plotter services and heat transfer abilities.

Dobbs Engineering was founded by John Dobbs to fill the need for skilled laser engraver and sign machine support.

After John moved on from a leading laser engraver and cutting plotter manufacturer to pursue other endeavors, he found a gap with the technical knowledge throughout the United States and the world in the laser engraving and sign making field. Dobbs Engineering filled it with extensive expertise in that area.

That's when Dobbs Engineering was born. As we gained skilled engineers, we were discovering more and more areas where there was a loss in skilled technical knowledge, we adapted to the need and added more services.

Today we support computers and computer related areas, consumer electronics, home theatres, and many of today's technical devices. Not only do we expertly repair most of these, we completely support you from beginning to end. Personal service: The way it should be.

We would like to dedicate this site to Harold Zane Dobbs. He instilled the framework for what we have become today. In memory of H.Z.Dobbs Eng.